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Mama loves to eat! And by Mama I mean me, ok, I’m Mama. My real name is Lauren but sometimes I refer to myself as Mama. I live by the fact that food is meant to be enjoyed which literally means being immersed in Joy. Like a lot of women, I grew up with and for a while hung onto SO many negative beliefs and fears about food. This was especially difficult because I’m Creole. If you’ve ever been to New Orleans or had Creole food, you know our food is the bomb.

However I didn’t like thinking of my people’s food as a “cheat meal†and was determined to create authentic Creole recipes that are health promoting and still taste so incredibly scrumptious! So after much research and trail and error, I’ve finally perfected these recipes. I’m so happy to share them with you! Have fun cooking and eat with lots of Love and Joy!

Creator & Author: Scrumptious
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Why Everything you think you know about fat, ESPECIALLY saturated fat, is wrong!

And why you NEED to eat it!

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Lawwd have Mercy, don’t get me started, ok I’m started.

Literally, everything we have been told about fat, especially saturated fat, is COMPLETELY INACCUARATE!

Our bodies require saturated fat for optimal brain development, metabolic functioning and overall health.

What about cholesterol? I hear you saying. Cholesterol is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that are actually the “fire fighters†in your body. You need good cholesterol, HDL which derived from saturated fat, for optimal health. When doctors would operate on someone that had a heart attack they would see cholesterol in the arteries. This is because the cholesterol was trying to stop the inflammation, it did NOT cause the heart attack; the opposite is true. Author of Cholesterol Clarity, Jimmy Moore, says:

“Blaming cholesterol for heart disease is like seeing a building on fire and blaming the fire fighters who are trying to put out the fire!”

This whole myth got start by a scientist who was trying to become famous by doing an experiment to prove fat causes heart attacks by feeding animal fat to rabbits. The huge problem with that is that unlike humans, rabbits are NOT genetically capable of processing animal fat so of course they died! This lead to so much fear about fat. This is why there’s a direct link between the fat free craze and Americans consuming more starch and less fat and obesity, heart disease and neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

The good news is… more and more people are starting to realize the importance of eating good saturated fat.

So much so that Time Magazine had an issue entitled “Eat Butter†and lots of books and articles are being written. Google the search terms “Saturated Fat Dr. Mercola†for more education on this, he is an amazing resource.

And that’s also why my recipes have saturated fat in them! It’s good for you!

So enjoy your food with lots of Love!